Welcome to the website of the Centro Gramsci of San Marino

The Gramsci centre for the humanities/Centro di studi gramsciani is a research centre founded in 2020.

The double header – Gramsci centre for the humanities / Centro di studi gramsciani – is not only a very free presentation of the same content in two languages. It also refers to a dual function. On the one hand, the scientific observation of Gramsci’s work, his legacy, his method; on the other hand, research on some of Gramsci’s themes – organization of cultural work; intellectuals; politics and culture… – in their current implications: in new terms.

They are different grounds, rather extensive to say the least, but with a common inspiration and evident thematic points of contact.

For the first aspect, which is historical research, the centre of San Marino aims to collaborate with all the institutes – whether or not they are linked, because of their history, to the Communist leader Gramsci – that carry out scientific research on the work of the Sardinian thinker.

For the second aspect, the centre will be able to look for cooperation in a very varied field, because it will work in a disciplinary field still in the process of formation: humanities (digital, non-digital, pre-digital, early digital…), knowledge technologies, knowledge design, and the design of cultural enterprises.

Directed by Massimo Mastrogregori, the Centre has developed a first program in the disciplinary fields of “humanities”, Gramscian studies and knowledge design, with the help of scientific advisors and assistant researchers who make up the staff.

The contents of the site, organized in seven sections, are available in Italian and English.

Among the new features we point out:

the survey on the digital revolution, with the answers of our advisors

the Transkribus project of automatic transcription of Gramscian Notebooks

The Centre is part of the History Department of the University of the Republic of San Marino and is also based in Rome.

Its Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/gramscicentre.sanmarino/

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