Welcome to the website of the Centro Gramsci of San Marino

The Gramsci centre for the humanities/Centro di studi gramsciani is a research centre founded in 2020.

The double header – Gramsci centre for the humanities / Centro di studi gramsciani – is not only a very free presentation of the same content in two languages. It also refers to a dual function. On the one hand, the scientific observation of Gramsci’s work, his legacy, his method; on the other hand, research on some of Gramsci’s themes – organization of cultural work; intellectuals; politics and culture… – in their current implications: in new terms. Continue reading “Welcome to the website of the Centro Gramsci of San Marino”

The special history of the ancient Romans

“What is the point of knowing the history of the ancient Romans?”

“I use the right not to answer: if we really had to ask ourselves “what is the point” of a fundamental phase of our historical, political and legal identity, we would be in a very bad way. And anyway, who can say to know all the Roman history? Continue reading “The special history of the ancient Romans”