A new book on Eric Hobsbawm

Unlike the vast majority of history scholars, Eric Hobsbawm had a huge, global audience, a literary agent (the same as John Le CarrĂ©), a devoted personal editor, publishing houses that paid him advances with five zeros, and many newspapers and television programs at his disposal. He wrote “interesting books” as the communist movement – the community he had chosen for himself – split and then disappeared.

We announce the publication of a monograph on him, written by Anna Di Qual – a chapter has been anticipated in “Storiografia”, 23, in the dossier Marxismo italiano – recalling also the magnum opus on Hobsbawm by Richard J. Evans, here reviewed by Massimo Mastrogregori for the “Quellen und Forschungen aus italienischen Archiven und Bibliotheken”, 100 (2020).

Eric Hobsbawm with Ticlia (around 1971)

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