Party Archives from Paper to Digital

The training seminar Gli archivi dei partiti dalla carta al digitale, organized by Michele Chiaruzzi, Luca Gorgolini, Stefano Vitali and our director, Massimo Mastrogregori, was held on December 2, 2022, at the Department of San Marino History, Culture and History of the University of the Republic of San Marino.

The seminar was part of the university project The San Marino Political Archives: census, digitization, fruition and was designed with the aim of raising awareness among public and private entities that preserve the archival fonds of San Marino parties on good practices with which to preserve these heritages for the future.

Speakers for greetings were:

Andrea Belluzzi (Secretary of State for Education and Culture, University and Scientific Research, Youth Policies of the Republic of San Marino)

Luca Gorgolini (co-coordinator of the project)


Stefano Vitali (former director of the Central Institute for Archives), Introduction

Dario Taraborrelli (archivist), “Really serious and serious things are never put in writing”. Formalizing informality: political party archives in Italy between center and periphery

Ilaria Pescini (head of the documental system and archives of the Region of Tuscany; vice-president ANAI – Italian National Archival Association), The importance of archives in formation, between management of the present and construction of memory

Paolo Rondelli (former Captain Regent of the Republic of San Marino), Standards and practices for digital archiving in the Republic of San Marino

Costantino Landino (project manager and IT consultant for the Italian Ministry of Culture), The preservation of electronic mail and databases: issues and tools

Chiara Storti (National Central Library of Florence), Political communication and memory preservation: challenges and tools of Web and Social media archiving

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